At the Netherlands Centre for Luminescence dating we develop new and improved luminescence dating methods, and we apply luminescence dating in collaboration with NCL partners and external users.

The NCL facility is fully operational following a brief shutdown during the early days of the COVID19 pandemic. Throughput times are not significantly affected - we expect about nine months between sample submission and reporting of results for most projects.

Please contact NCL staff for more information.

Scripts for Bootstrap analysis of equivalent dose distributions available from our site.

LumiD - the luminescence datingbase

The NCL is proud to present LumiD; a database with information about all samples processed by the NCL and of published information on samples from the Netherlands dated in other luminescence dating laboratories. Guests can use LumiD to search for samples using a range of search criteria. NCL customers can download an order form to submit new samples and track progress of their projects. LumiD is linked to Google Earth for visualisation and to aid searching samples in a specific location. (

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