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'Led it be 50%' - Improve LED-lighting to reduce energy consumption for greenhouse lighting by half.

By improving LED-lighting in greenhouses the energy consumption for lighting may be reduced by half.
Eight PhD-candidates and 3 postdocs will work on this project, in which a number of universities and companies are involved.
This project is financed by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW and 10 companies.

Switching from high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) to LED-lighting already results in a 25 percent saving on energy needed for the conversion of electricity to light, in a few years time probably even 30 percent.
Next to this, possibly an additional 30 percent reduction in electricity use can be obtained by smart positioning of LEDs, use of different light colours, providing additional light at the right time and in the right intensity and by using cultivars which are adapted to energy-saving light. So in total a 60 percent reduction in electricity use for lighting could be feasable.
Further on, smart use of LED-lighting could lead to energy savings on humidity control in greenhouses.
Perhaps a bit more heating will be necessary because LEDs produce less heat but a nett energy use reduction of 50 percent appears to be realistic.

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