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Social Science

Social science research in SAFE FOODS: Consumer Research of Food Risk Management Perceptions

Dear trainee,

Welcome to this e-learning module on consumer perceptions and risk communication of food safety issues. It is based on research results and presentations generated by social science experts in this project (Workpackage 4).

This module is aimed at anybody with an interest in food safety, wishing to get a better background in social science research.

The aims of this learning module are:

  • To give an introduction in the basic concepts of social science research about consumer perceptions
  • To give an overview of social science research techniques and methodologies used in the SAFE FOODS project
  • To give an overview of the research results obtained
  • To show how these results are translated into practical recommendations for the improvement of risk analysis and how they are integrated with the natural science work.

We hope that this e-learning module will provide you with a quick and comprehensive background in the research on consumer perceptions and risk communication and that it may trigger your interest to explore this discipline more thoroughly.


1. Introduction

1.1 Social science research in the risk analysis field   
1.2 Consumer food risk perceptions 
1.3 Risk communication

2. Consumer research methodologies

2.1 Qualitative research. An example: focus groups  
2.2 Quantitative research. An example: survey

3. SAFE FOODS Consumer research of food risk management perceptions

3.1 Study 1: qualitative study on consumer and expert perceptions of food risk management practices 
3.2 Study 2: Cross-national survey on consumers food risk management quality evaluations
3.3 Study 3: Information experiments

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