CLIMAX: Climate Services Through Knowledge Co-Production

A Euro-South American Initiative for Strengthening Societal Adaptation Response to Extreme Events.

In the CLIMAX consortium, Wageningen University & Research participates mostly in the development of seasonal forecasts of river flow in southeastern South America. After initial assessments of forecast skill up to seven months ahead for the entire continent (paper in review), the second phase zooms in on the river basins of the Parana and Sao Fransisco. For these, we work together with Brazilian science partners and stakeholders to investigate whether such forecasts can be made useful in decision-making processes concerning hydropower management by the national electricity agency of Brazil (ONS,

A second research line concerns seasonal forecasts of crop production, focusing on northeastern Argentina. Again an assessment of forecast skill in wheat, maize and soybean yields is followed by interactions with stakeholders such as INTA (, to develop ways to make such products useful in decision-making processes in the region.

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